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Vacuum Pro is amazing!

This thing is amazing! I went to my dermatologist to try and figure out what the flesh colored bumps are on my face and he had NO IDEA! I’ve tried everything from over the counter and prescribed medicine- an antibiotic for fungus/bacteria and still nothing! I used this a few times during the week right after my shower and the bumps have minimized dramatically! This tool is a game changer!!

Spa Life at Home!!

I was skeptical of this product because there a few on the market right now but this thing works! I used my travel clothes steamer on my face after my shower so my pores were good and ready. I made sure there was a good dew so it wouldn’t hurt pulling dry skin. I opened the package and pressed the button- voila! The suction was intense enough and I was shocked at everything it extracted- I thought I do enough deep cleaning! This is definitely a game changer. My skin felt so smooth immediately afterwards. I highly recommend.

Gross but good

Slightly horrifying what has come out my face with using this but so satisfying at the same time! Only tip would be to easy with it as I bruised my face slightly.


Makes my skin so shiny and emremoves all dead skin and oil


Love it! It arrived safe and not damaged and pretty quick too! Super easy to use and works perfectly fine . Thanks beautified glow for ur wonderful product

Great Product

Works great! simple and easy to use.


Used mine with my BG Vacuum Pro and OMG got so much out! My skin feels smoother.

Beautified Glow Vacuum Pro

i’m in love!!! took a bit for delivery but nonetheless absolutely in love with this product!! i was skeptical about it since i saw the ad on social media but i’m glad i decided to try it out!
if you haven’t gotten your hands on one, i seriously suggest you do!
instructions are on box and super easy to follow.

Wow i am impressed!

I usually NEVER write reviews but I was so impressed. Initially I was very sceptical about buying this but I am so surprised at how good this is. I’m from the UK and it took almost 2 weeks to arrive which was annoying but it was definitely worth the wait!! The first time I used it was after the shower and it sucked out so much from my face. Make sure your face is steamed/damp otherwise it will cause friction and hurt. I used the lowest and highest settings and there was no sensitivity. I wouldn’t recommend using on active or cystic acne as it can make it really red. Other than the long delivery time I have nothing negative to say about this item. It’s really easy to clean too, but I feel like hot water and soap isn’t killing the bacteria on it? So unsure about that. If you’re looking for something for your blackheads and whiteheads, definitely give this a go, it’s so worth it!

Hey Heena, We apologize if the delivery took longer than expected, orders can sometimes experience a slight delay due to high demand. Thank you for understanding and being patient. We are glad to hear that you're satisfied with the product itself and that means a lot to us. #StayBeautified Regards, Sophie at Beautified Glow

I had to say I was skeptical at first but oh my god it works amazingly
Happy with the purchase 👍


I’m honestly so happy with this! I’ve always struggled with blackheads on my nose and could never really get rid of them, I mean I tried almost everything under the sun and was always disappointed until I tried this! Honestly, all I can say is wow. Definitely recommending to my friends! ♥️


I got my pore vacuum today in the mail and I’m blown away. I was skeptical but ordered anyways to try it out, wow I’m glad I did

Wow 🤩

I used it for the first time along with the mini steamer and so Much dirt came out of my skin. Great strong suction and it stimulates my skin,
My skin feels plump as a result.
My skin feels so soft and clean and fresh.
I love it and I recommend it💋

Thank you for your amazing review!
Wow wow wow

Omg for 34 bucks this vacuum works wonders. It feels so good afterwards I have so many blackheads but thank God I found solution!!!! Recommending the product to my family and friends Xoxo

Hi Noni Ngae! Your review means the world to us, we are happy you like our vacuum. Remember to moisturize and steam your face for the best results. Thank you! Regards, Lisa at Beautified Glow
Totally worth the money

My skin looks amazing my wrinkles diminished and I’m only 25 lol!!! The whiteheads on my nose disappeared and the oil went away. Recommend this product to all of my coworkers!!

Like a professional facial

This little vacuum is great! I spend so much money on skincare and had yet to find a solution for my oily nose. I’ve even used a blackhead extractor but been left with sensitive red skin afterwards. This device is gentle and even on the highest setting was able to get more gunk than I could have ever imagined off of my nose. The nose isn’t raw, sensitive, or red after use either which is a big plus. I am going to continue using it and will buy another for my boyfriend who has a slew of blackheads and dead skin on his face.

Best product

This thing us the best ever. It takes out all the residu from the face and waaw and feels good right after


I have been looking for a product that cleanses my pores for a while now.
I finally saw this amazing product on Instagram and purchased.
Quick delivery and with just 1 use I saw a huge difference. It really sucks blackheads and dirt out of your skin. (Don't keep at one place for long)

I purchased for my mum,sister & roommate and they love it. I would recommend a million times to anyone!👏👏♥️♥️

Love it

I love it.

I was curious, glad I bought it.

I have to incorporate this in my skin care routine. I definitely got a deep cleaning, I feel like my pores were unclogged. I did a review also on my YouTube channel(:

It works!

Been wanting a pore vacuum for a while was sceptic but this one works so well it suctions out a lot!its gross but satisfying to see that it actually does the job!


This thing is freaking amazing. It's literally a little vacuum for your face. TMI part: I've had clogged pores on my chin for ages that no matter how much I squeeze, goop just keeps coming out like a toothpaste tube. I always ended up damaging my skin with tools or my nails trying to get it all. This thing literally just sucked it out. I would just go over the spot a couple of times so I wouldn't get a hickey. It was *so* satisfying seeing it sucked out without having any of the pain or damage.

Thank you Sondra for your awesome review, you mean the world to us. That's a very high quality picture, we'd love to feature you in our next campaign if you are comfortable making a video. You can get back to me at: Regards, Stephanie

In love with this product gets out all the junk in your face!!!


I was sooooo sceptical at first but the amazing reviews got me and thank god they did! I LOVE this tool. I’ve only used it on the first setting and it took so much off my skin. All my friends are getting them!!!

What can I say.....

Never realised how good this product would be. I'm always sceptical when buying things online but the pictures say it all