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Love this makeup bag. Can be whatever size you need it to be. Easy to find your makeup!

Love it! These curls are lovely and tight! They loosen up with fingers run through them. I have very long hair and it didn’t get caught ! It jammed a couple times, but it beeped and released it right away. I was never in danger of my hair getting stuck. I’m very impressed.

I absolutely love this bag! I had to monogram mine 😊

Love love love my purchase. Holds every need when going away.

Gets rid of gunk

I’ll always had good skin and never been plagued with acne. But as I’m getting older, I’m finding I’m breaking out more. I started getting facials every month but it just got too expensive.. then came this product!! The amount of gunk I can get out is ridiculous and I’m actually grossed out at how dirty my face really is from the inside! This product is worth every penny.... thank you!!

Amazing product

Awesome! used it like 3 times and it takes like 15-20 minutes of my time! takes a little practice tho.. I used to never curl my hair but this curling iron is just great!!!

Absolutely love this! It normally takes me 50-60 mins to curl my hair with a wand bc it is long and thick. I can curl it in 20-25 mins with this. And it stayed curled for 2 days

I love this makeup bag. I recently went on a trip where we changed cities a few tunes. It was so awesome not to have to unpack and repack my bag. I loved it so much I bought one for my daughter.

Got this for my girlfriend, she loved it!!

Great little tool from a skeptical UK buyer!

I was hesitant to spend £30 on one of these but after reading all the reviews I thought I'd just go for it. I'm glad I did! I'm hooked on it. I love that it gets so much excess dirt out of my face, particularly on my nose, chin and cheeks.
I haven't noticed a reduction in my blackheads on nose but I've been using it for one week so perhaps in time the blackheads will recude.
I just like that my face feels cleaner after. I thought it may get rid of my blackheads completely so if that's the reason you're buying perhaps just go in with the view it'll help them and make your face cleaner.
A great little product! Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and I think it'd spend the money again. Thank you!

O my gosh, I love this cosmetic bag. I was going to use it for travel, but it keeps everything neat, organized and attractive on my bathroom counter.

Love the convenience of this pouch! It looks messy but boy is it easy to find everything! I bought 2 more for gifts! It keeps all my essentials in my to-go bag! Yeah!

Bigger than I expected!!! It fits alllll my makeup!!! I’m in love.

Love this - it has become my go-to makeup bag because of its functionality. I love how it opens up and I can see all my products and not have to fish around in my bag or leave my cosmetics all over the counter. It’s also very easy to clean with a wet cloth or paper towel and dries quick and easy too. Perfect travel and anytime makeup bag.

Really handy bag, clever design, easy to use, spacious, durable material. Thank you!

The Miracurl is Amazing and easy to use

Prompt service and awesome product

Definitely I would recommend this product and the size is more than accommodating for a woman or man to layout their makeup or toiletries. The black material makes it unisex as a gift for a traveler.

This is the easiest no fuss make up bag I hav ever used 😀

I love this for my eye bags, I keep it chilled in the fridge and it's very refreshing and soothing. Works great for smoothing the face and jaw. Thank you Beautified Glow 😍

Just used this makeup bag on a trip to visit a friend who lives in a small apartment with one bathroom. Using the bag made my life simplier because I could take it in and out of the bathroom and keep all my makeup products together instead of trying to find a place for them in tight quarters. I feel sure I will use it again and again. In fact, I would like to order another one, in a different color, for meds I take on travel.

I was pleasantly surprised with the BG roller pro. It was really nice quality and works well. I use it every morning, I love the feeling of the cold amethyst on my face when I wake up. I also do it at night. I think it helps feeling less puffy in the face. Definitely recommend. ❤️

Great product my girl loves it

Best product ever

I love this BC VACUUM PRO it Cleared all my black heads and white heads on my nose my skin is so clear cause of this product . I definitely recommend buying this product u will not regret buying it.

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